Simplicity Smoked Berkshire Ham Is Delicious

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Hot Smoke Smoked Black Pepper and Coriander Cool Fish

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berkshire is the breed Shipped for $25 handcrafted in the Midwest, available coast-to-coast

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hand-tied, dry-cured Salami on the banks of Lake Superior

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  • Salami is considered the most complicated of charcuterie, but these taste like Goerdt has cracked the code of the artisanal curing process.

  • Am I in heaven?

  • Northern Waters Smokehaus is a godsend to gourmets with a discriminating palate.

  • Just the other day I got a package of whitefish and smoked salmon, and have been eating nothing but for breakfast, lunch, and supper!

  • I know my meats, and THIS is good stuff.

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Bicycle Delivery! That's How We Roll.

We are excited to announce a new feature of a Smokehaus summer … sandwiches delivered by bike! We think it’s a great way to resolve the issue of traffic flow/hungry people throughout much of Canal Park, Downtown, and Park Point, and expect it to be fast and furious for the next several months.  Read More

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