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  • Dry-Cured Pepperoni
    Dry-Cured Pepperoni

    Dry-Cured Pepperoni

    Unlike most mass-produced pepperoni, ours is a full-flavored rendition, laced with enough fennel, crushed pepper flakes, and red wine to tickle the back of your throat (but keep you coming back for more!). 3/4 pound average. Due to the nature of the curing process, Pepperoni is subject to availability. Your order may take extra time to ship.

  • Salami is considered the most complicated of charcuterie, but these taste like Goerdt has cracked the code of the artisanal curing process.

  • Am I in heaven?

  • Northern Waters Smokehaus is a godsend to gourmets with a discriminating palate.

  • Just the other day I got a package of whitefish and smoked salmon, and have been eating nothing but for breakfast, lunch, and supper!

  • I know my meats, and THIS is good stuff.

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We're Headed South

We are headed down to the big city this weekend to sell our salami and - for the very first time - smoked fish! Come see us at Bachman's Garden Center for the Kingfield/Fulton Farmers Market.  Read More

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