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  • Saucisson Sec
    Saucisson Sec

    Saucisson Sec

    This country-style French recipe includes savory Berkshire pork, French four spice, white wine, and white peppercorns. A tart, fantastically smooth salami. Wonderful with cheese, wine, crusty bread, and any fruits and veggies you may have kicking around. This salami is the largest that we offer, and will last on your counter-top (no need to refrigerate) for weeks - though it usually gets devoured in no time. Ooh La-La! 3/4 - 1 pound average. Due to the nature of the curing process, Saucisson Sec is subject to availability. Your order may take extra time to ship.

  • Salami is considered the most complicated of charcuterie, but these taste like Goerdt has cracked the code of the artisanal curing process.

  • Am I in heaven?

  • Northern Waters Smokehaus is a godsend to gourmets with a discriminating palate.

  • Just the other day I got a package of whitefish and smoked salmon, and have been eating nothing but for breakfast, lunch, and supper!

  • I know my meats, and THIS is good stuff.

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We're Headed South

We are headed down to the big city this weekend to sell our salami and - for the very first time - smoked fish! Come see us at Bachman's Garden Center for the Kingfield/Fulton Farmers Market.  Read More

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